In a mid night when I was in sleep,

It slipped from my hand and burst into pieces,
I felt so sorry; a stranger gave me many kisses.
Gradually I saw the stranger became God,
As soon as I bent my body and I did nod.
He said me, ‘Don’t be pierced in pain,
Some things are transitory like earthen cane.
Your body will be one day mingled with dust,
Beautiful edifices in earthquake will be burst.
Many people will die within a fraction of time,
One can’t take metacarpus even in several crimes.
You are a soul not a body you are to remember,
Have righteous deeds in heaven you will be member.
Chasten your anger and greed and be charitable,
In divine wealth in next birth you will be heritable.
Be away of heroin and heroine and remember me,
Follow nonviolence, truth then heaven you can see.
Meditate me in concentrated mind and get bliss’,
I woke up and felt it was a delicate dream of peace.

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