That many innocents have been jailed and even executed wrongfully
So much for human rights and liberty.
Even the United States the so called Land of the free
In human rights has a poor history
And people have been wrongfully jailed and executed there
But then it’s true of course that life is not always fair.
In Britain due to acts of terror by the I.R.A.
Many for the crimes of others had to pay
And spend years in jails far from home and family
Though wrongfully condemned they suffered years of ignominy
In Australia they incarcerate refugees
In detention centres in the outback in landscapes barren of trees
Though not guilty of any crimes they spend months and years locked up because
Of bureaucratic red tape and oppressive laws.
Though for freedom and justice many young men have fought and died
Not alone in China but in Countries World-wide
People are still wrongfully incarcerated at the pleasure of the State
And due to a miscarriage of justice left to an uncertain fate.

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