Staring into the cloudy night sky
With nothing to cheer my sullen spirit
My hair left in shabby mess,
By the mischievous passing breeze
My thoughts slipping out of focus,
Like tiny specks of leaping fleas
A circular face full of sheen,
From behind the nebulous veil,
Showed up all too sudden
Looking at me with a beaming smile
I thought of a thousand smiles
Which kindle the universe
The love that is hidden in all things
Eclipsing all bitterness and curse
Like ripples in a still pool
Caused by pebbles hurled
By the naughty kids’ wanton hands
A strange sensation unfurled
Tearing down the pall of gloom
Wavelets of cheer grew
Coming off in wider circles
Changing my mindscape into brighter hue
A new moment was born
And in the ceaseless beat of my heart
I sensed a new rhythm,
And knew all my dullness depart!

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