Checked if she is still fast asleep
Consciously I learnt and realized
She has been to my in-laws home
Just for two days with a dozen of sarees,
Two heavy velvet bed sheets
Cosmetics, mascare, a box of powder
Half a dozen of novels and story books
And some chocolates hardly found in villages
Carrying forty kilograms luggage in an air bag
I searched for my small soft towel
I always use after my morning walk
To usually wipe my face and body
Searched wardrobe and every places
No where located, no where found.
Desperately I rang up her and enquired
Is it there in your heavy bag by mistake?
She softly responded in her sweet voice
Not a mistake, I did it consciously.
Tell me why? Why did you do so?
She sang lovely and sparingly:
I stole your wealth in secret
To trouble you for a moment!
Copyright@ Poet,7 February,2019

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