I’ll smile,- I know I will
E’er I be still;
Because I will not smile
So long a while.
But I’ll be sad, I fear,
And shed a tear,
For those I love and leave
My loss to grieve:
‘Tis just their grief I’ll grieve,
Believe, believe.
Not for myself I care
As forth I fare;
But for those left behind
Wae is my mind
Knowing how they will miss
My careless kiss.
Oh I’ll be brave when I
Shall come to die;
With courage I will quaff
The Cup and laugh,
Aye, even mock at Death
With failing breath.
It is not those who go
Who suffer woe;
But stricken ones who bide
By cold bedside:
God comfort you who keep
Watch by my sleep!

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