Also, dictators under the garb of democratic rule are also there now!
In obsolete religious nations, people are struggling for democracy;
In a few old political ideological States, democracy is on slow run;
Bureaucrats under the shade of democracy are perpetrating corruption!
World is in a state of boil due to these statuses of main nations now;
Due to the flaws in weak nations, terrorist gangs are deep rooting long;
Nuclear proliferation in the hands of hardcore leaders threatens peace!
Materialism, religious fanaticism and militarism are big burning barnacles;
Humanism, naturalism and divinity in the midst of all are solacing some;
Pollution, exploitation of natural resources sans conservation are grim…!
Is the world a football or rugby-ball tossed and kicked by heroes and big
Villains on the arena of gladiators of Roman time even today everywhere?

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