I fully acknowledge the fact and politely sympathize
As person should never be discouraged or cut to the size
Every individual has his own moral and some ethics
He may have different thinking and basics
We can’t force on him some outdated standard
As life is meant for looking forward
Some of the gestures are well appreciated all the times
Whether it comes to the making of new friends sometimes
Or making fantastic search for life companion
That all works on same pattern to seek a union
It is source of great inspiration
There may lie many questions
As to how it must be tackled
And how to remove it from being mislead
It is weakness of human mind that person is blinded
By outer beauty and sometimes not at all bonded
It requires great courage and peace of mind
As we try to seek and go in search for new find
Once mind is set then there won’t be further delay
It may result in to great surprises and much to our dismay
Yet it is life and one ex expected to honor his verdict
As the life is precious and has unique feature as distinct
You can’t function in isolation
Somewhere or at some point you want good relation
You got to walk with in harmony and in tune
As you are subjected to an error and not completely immune

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