The gift of love by the powerful o, almighty
I am one of the luckiest persons to be happy
It was so difficult to find suitable person
The tide had turned against me for various reasons
I have no reason to dwell it at length
As it has made me courageous to stand tall with strength
It is not that I am the only person to have experienced love
It might have been the case with many and I certainly believe
It certainly keeps me going with all kind of worries
Still I am step ahead of others to venture out and carry
It is certainly divine blessing and showering
It has come to me after sincere offerings
I had kept all along full faith in his grace
That is why I have shines on my face
Even though we are yet to unite with bond
I have already accorded him status of husband
He may join me at any time in near future
This time his ship will anchor at port for sure
I receive warm signals from far off direction
They are indicative of positive action
I shall have enough of time to adjust and join
There is now no need to toss the coin
It should not have happened at all
If I had gone down and shut the wall
It was all emergence of wise counsel
I was able to stand of my own and excel
O god, o, almighty and o, protector
Make me no more laughing stock or stage actor
You were the one to play decisive factor
Today I am in heavenly zone and protective sector

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