To go ahead with unfilled promises
Not sure of success with many misses
This was the day when you left us crying
We did all to save you and kept on trying
It did not prove any result and dark descended
You left for heavenly abode and ascended
It is painful memory never to be erased
All goals and night mare to be chased
Still not way out but to stand and face bravely
Nice days can not be back but must be made happily
You had gone once for all with no indication
Now we all are in dark and face immense suffocation
We are seized with lots of problems and troubles
Now I have realized the life as nothing but bubbles
Yes I know that sadness may not remain for long
it may be treacherous and prove us very wrong
life is not in any way deter us but facilitate to determine
to achieve the goal gracefully and not to undermine
But I am for sure to move along confidently
It is known from the beginning evidently
There was no point in grieving all the times
Sadness was there but to be felt at sometimes
In real sense what can be the great tribute?
To stand on own feet and positively contribute
Towards fulfillment of dream and aspirations
Proving worth without any character abrasions
It will be worth watching to realize his dreams
He should have failed to realize it even as good team
As life is considered as adventurous mission
It will be considered as feat without his liaison
Since he is more with you
You will have to stand fast and pass through
All ordeals that may fall on the way
It will serve no purpose if you loose hope and stay away
What can be real and great tribute?
If you stay sound on feet and contribute
A token geture and show of being successful woman
That he could have not even dreamed of as man
I wish you to be aware and silently watching
You may still notice my eyes are searching
I stand hopelessly along and look at vast horizon
You had left me alone in this world and flown
I have missed not a single moment
Still feel the pulse of long breath for the moment
You used to enter gently with total surprise
How all of sudden it vanished with sudden demise?
But I aim to move along confidently
The chance has come to me incidentally
I shall definitely overcome it with God’s grace
I shall proudly bear the confidence on face

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