Fallen stars never return to the galaxy,
But we can with our determination and courage
Let remain some dreams as the dreams to sail on
Not all dreams are realistic and worth trying on.
No matter how many attempts we make
Each time we will learn some new passage.
Like a phoenix we rise from the dust of the past
Like the fallen seeds germinate and restart.
Like the sun which goes down in the dusk
Rises again with a new light at the dawn.
Remember the vibes of the mount valleys
It preserves the echoes of the past until eternity.
The roaring waterfall and gushing rivers
When they meet the sea, it gains the calmness forever.
Our trapped soul in the body is making us restless
Calm it down with meditation, patience and perseverance
Every day our body will sleep and take some rest
The mind will keep dreaming and make bodily unrest
Before the dreams become elusive and mysterious
O My Master make them the air we breathe and persist.

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