So cool around and peace in mind
Run around in happiness and just go blind
It is incessant rain then little troublesome
Heavy damage and may cause problems to some
Darkness in day time and whole sky is fully overcast
It is felt night in day time and looks contrast
The sun is covered by dark clouds
Static with movement and clashes so loud
Down pour of heavy water with no respite
One may sit at home and quietly does the nail bite
Sun is eclipsed and no rays can penetrate
Lots of anxiety and excitement generate
It is expected for sun to come out in open
There is fresh attack from black clouds all of sudden
But this sage not to remain permanent
There is heavy attempt by sun to make movement
Little break through weak defense and emergence of ray
As if someone is trying his best to show the way
What can be turned into beautiful scene?
Rainbow is in offing and beautifully seen
What a lovely present from nature at this juncture?
Little hope and encouragement for the bright future
One can make great efforts to break through
Nothing is impossible and can be proved true
Only whole hearted try with no big expectation
I feel it is quite reasonable to pick the indication

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