It is some sort of tactics to bring down the adversary
This is most dreaded weapon and thought of very necessary
It is creating negative impact in the mind of an individual
It serves no purpose and it is not considered as casual
Move and counter moves are contemplated to match
Complete go by is given to cover the lost ground and catch
We have inherited some one of the fine weaknesses
The immense loss caused to is beyond imagination to assess
It is further aggravating situation and personal relation
It is ample proof of deterioration with clear indication
We are not capable of becoming even good neighbors
All sort of ill feelings and negative thoughts to harbor
It drives us to extreme corner with no possible come back
Even though it might have involved no interest or stake
We have certainly downgraded out selves with low ebb
We will not wait for second to murder a person or stab
It is dangerous tendency to risk human values
Even animals are aware of the things which are due
We can not blame everything on human behavior
A single thought has to be taken into consideration even prior
It is of no use to lament later when everything has gone out of hand
Life has become valueless and less dependable with current trend
We are being gifted with third sense
It must forbad us for committing the nonsense
It is possible we may be misguided on certain occasions
We can not solely blame entire thing human confusion
We have found the escape route
We are not prepared to wed out the root
It has become common thrust to reach at the peak
It is taken as personal goal despite being very weak
There is less likelihood of reaching out any solution
There is fall of standard at every level with pollution
Not only mind is bogged down with corrupt thoughts
But whole concept of being liberal and tolerant is needlessly fought
We can take refuge under false pretext as prisoner of conscience
We lost the confidence and trust as wheels of reliance
Until that is restored to with confidence and trusted upon
The noble crusade against such prophecy will never be won
It is like everything is said but not done
Advice sought for but not heeded and gone
It has become customary to remain unconcerned
Act only when interest is at stake and personally cornered

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