Paddy cutting is happened in month November,
And it continues till to the month of December.
In remote area maximum people are farmers,
They are theist, simple, honest and also fairs.
The farmers do go to their dewy corn fields,
Which looks like diamond amber, give yields?
Some peasants go with reapers to cut crops,
They do so and sweat comes down in drops.
Think, how labourious are they in such cold?
They do labour hard and sweat is drop of gold.
The reapers spread the reaped corns to get dry,
Many people do make corn field hue and cry.
The children of the peasants often help them,
They collect the corns, make bundles in same.
The bundles of paddy are loaded in bullock cart,
They wrench loading bundles with a rope in smart.
Bullocks waddle, carts lag towards grain-yard,
Peasant thinks it is his fruit of labour and reward.
From forenoon to afternoon and to eventide,
Some children glean in cornfields as per tide.
How innocent are the farmers and family members?
They supply food, worship God and help others.

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