It must be koshered,
It must be soaked in salt water,
For there is no red carpet in heaven!
But it is only the white carpet of peace and love.
Love your partner everyday,
Ten thousand times ten thousand!
Because Rome was not built in a day,
And we all need to be guided by the laws!
The last great day is between the two evenings,
And without blemish between the two legs;
For the silver trumpet is between the two lips.
Ten years of pain in Satan’s room and,
Five years of joy there after;
But the earth is full of water and,
Many are still without water.
It must be salted,
And bewteen the two eyes to show some love;
For the golden tree and the golden box are closer always.
Put the golden tree into the golden box,
And let me teach you more about love;
For the white carpet in the heavens are full of laws,
And we have to live by the rule of law.

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