It was not behaving as usual
I tried to look normal and take it as casual
No it was not normal type unrest
I forced me to think as far as best
It did not help me either way
I was drawn in some game and pushed away
I tried to brush it aside
The concept was agreeable but very wide
I had remained aloof from such feeling
This one had come unexpected and willing
Each part of the body worked in normal fashion
Though whole body preferred relaxation on cushion
This was happening in cool and peaceful night
The heart may not allow having rest without her sight
I feared something may happen at odd hours
The eyes had exchanged greetings at doors
It was coming like fresh scene in the mind
Where was peace to sleep and next day to find?
The arms were ticking away silently in clock
It was assumed correctly what will be in stock?
It was not speeding to get rid of silent night
The good man in me was simply lost without any fight
I shall definitely ask about the dark magic
I could not find anything behind as logic
It was simply a surrender to open invitation
I could well guess and judge the indication
I was briefed by senior friends about down fall
They cautioned me to go slow before responding the call
I knew it was impossible to respond in such a way
I was drawn closer and nearer without any say
It compelled me to thinks about great world wars
They could have been averted and pushed very far
Had this merchant of deaths smelt a peaceful rose in varieties?
The fragrance might have traveled across and beyond boundaries
I felt certain divine force behind such feeling
Though inwardly it was weakening and killing
No one can deny the tremendous thrust behind
It was felt bodily even with gentle push from wind
I was forewarned of dire consequences if went ahead
The fear was not totally miscounted but certainly read
It was not easy or simple cake walk
There was meaningful and serious talk
I am totally swept away in flood
Heart has wept and affected the flow of blood
May be that I have come across with full knowledge
It is need of an hour to have been experienced by young age

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