I had at once decided to go for begging
But the confidence was shaky and conscious legging
I could not decide to go for any other option
Survival was important and only the question
It was below dignity to go to some one and mention
About immediate plight to have some kind of food or ration
I may toil hard to meet two ends for their sake
As far as physical exertion is at stake!
I can over stretch and attempt for some relief
I felt this was not the time to cry over and express the grief
I find statues at cross roads with enough of illuminations
Mother asking for help helplessly with clear indication
It may be viewed by passers by as fine art piece
But how can those hands afford two pieces of bread with peace?
I decided not to go in for any kind of help
But fight it out my on own and step out
Day and night exertion may not kill a person
But build a confidence with strong reasons
My children are coming up with age
In no time they may be matured enough to manage
What is hard reality behind to face the world?
When children are safe in your shelter and fold
I feel all mothers come out and fairly fight
This is the time to challenge and make others to feel right
How can we see helpless ladies daily at important places?
With beggars bawl only to invite wrath with cruel abuse
I shall make it reality when get the chance to hold ground
Make it as firm bid and show to all that it really looks sound
No civilized society can make us to stand in helplessness
It is the shame that will make them to look down with faces
Mother and child are not be exhibited as an art in statue
They must be taken care of and heard with all its dues
If we consider the child as future of strong nation
This must be seen as an important factor in relation

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