I really felt it was asking something more
I really had to think and explore
I needed a nice company
Though I was blessed with enough of money
If money was the only criteria for then I had enough
But it was not so and proving very tough
Romance was not my first choice
I had hidden feelings but could not voice
I wanted to shout on top of the roof
As I was lone soul and remained aloof
It is divne gift to be given to lonely soul
Entire world is dependant on it as whole
Nothng wrong in it If one goes for it
You may head towards right direction on feet
Let not be considered as simple game
One should not bow down head and feel shame
It is bound to take place and come
It is nice step and we need to welcome
It can feel void in life
Though it is like cutting edge of knife
One may feel something short of accomplishment
The companionship is like glorious mometns
It is hard mission and not easy
Though it engages you and keeps busy
There are lot many things to be done
Though the real battle is yet to be won
It may not turn sordid affair
The chances are very fair
You got to take evry care
firm commitments for doing fare
it may move on smoothly
Everything can be tackled easily
Romance can be bulit up on definite trust
This is open criteria and must

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