In day light I feared for dark
It was not good omen to start
So many may be like me
They may be seized with and not feeling free
Life is not the only means to gain
It is to put forward self first and train
I find all dark around
No possible open sight is found
Where I can breathe happily
And spend the time easily
There is no use looking at stars
They are away and very far
The sky is hollow and of no use
Why do I stare at it and simply confuse?
I need only one ray
That can remove darkness and take away
All fears and lead to peaceful stay
I have confused mind for all these things to say
I am proud to be human being
I don’t want to be part animal in circus ring
Even though it is like circus for all
I want to make it as beautiful call
All evil forces may try to destroy
They may compel me to loose temper and annoy
I am matured person and not simple toy
I will never submit to their skilful ploy
I have undergone sufferings and plight
I had to make ceaseless fight
Yet some of things were proved right
The goal is within reach and not out of sight
I thank for all it to happen
I was disheartened even
Someone appeared at horizon
Filled with insight and pulled on
I am no weaker object
Let everyone laugh at or reject
I shall search for amicable solution
That is my belief and strong resolution

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