close to the gates of heaven.
That I could almost reach it
by stretching out my hand.
A sense of serenity
seemed to surround and engulf me.
I heard voices of old friends
who had passed away,
all of them calling me.
Then my God spoke to me
as I stood there
with heaven not that far away.
Son, it’s not your time
yet to be called to me.
Live your life
with love and piety,
continue with what you do
and that will lead you
to the path to me.
I stood in silence
for a few minutes more.
I climbed down from that mountain
and my life was filled
with peace and serenity.
Today I walk tall
my mind is satisfied
with my life I lead
and all the things I do
thanks to my God in heaven.
I start each day with a smile
hoping it encourages others
to do the same.
Because I know now what awaits me
when my life is finally through.
30 October 2011

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