dance if you can and show your arts,
sing for the charms of a lovely weak rest,
after six days’ fatigue with all the best,
sun at the dawn and moon at night,
don’t see anything that is not too bright,
a star from skies for the poor tired clay,
to love, to be loved, He gave this day,
it’s a Sunday!
See it has changed the climate of life,
sweetheart forget whole weak’s strife,
all festivals in a day are confined,
souls of the seasons in a day enshrined,
in the streets I see a lovely rainbow,
the dance of life in a green meadow,
for the restless laborers a gift to play,
enjoy and rest pay thanks and pray,
It’s a Sunday!
This is a translation of the poem
Aaz Rawiwar Hai
Upendra Singh ‘suman’

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