To them success it goes with fame and money for their heroes they do not look too far
They judge you by the side of town you live in and they judge you by your home and motor car.
And if you ask them who to them are losers and how a loser they would classify
They do not have to dig deep for their answers and to ‘pigeon hole’ they never do seem shy
The working poor and those who are on welfare and anyone who struggles to get by
To them the poor will always be the losers their road is uphill till the day they die.
To them a moderately successful person would at least have to be a millionaire
They do not give points for kindness and morals and to those good people who treat others fair
They won’t applaud you for your acts of kindness and more important to them is your take home pay
And they only see you as a silly person if to help others you go out of your way.
Their souls are dark and their god is only money and for their values they ought not be admired
And the people they look up to very wealthy and by their dreams of opulence they are inspired,
They do not know how to value a person some poor people have in them so much good
By their acts of kindness quite successful people they help the poor souls of their neighbourhood

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