And those who have not had that experience…
Know very little about sacrificing their likes,
To endure putting up with unwelcomed dislikes.
There has been many things done I did,
That I disliked but tolerated.
In fact I hated going through the process.
And when I had the opportunity,
To do those things enjoyed and liked…
Not a moment did I waste in indecision.
I might have been confused…
But not crazed.
People who spend time whining,
Get on my nerves.
And I am quick to split away from them.
In mid-sentence,
If I have to do it!
I am not attracted to ‘whoa-is-me’ people.
My father use to tell me,
How as a child…
He had his teeth pulled,
Without novocain.
He told me this frequently…
Whenever I thought he was just around,
To make my life easier.
‘Come on, Daddy!
It’s just ten dollars! ‘
I am one of the fortunate ones,
I will admit that!
And with obstacles and setbacks…
I crawled back to get myself on track!
I wasn’t about to spend my life,
Traumaticized by emotional ties!
Or gossip and lies…
Folks entertain themselves to tell!
My relationship with God…
Is close.
And we communicate very well!
God is there…
And delivers!
I don’t give advice,
Or recommend what others do!
I use to…
Do that,
And ended up being screwed.
Figuratively speaking!
Even though it is still just as painful.
I’ve learned many lessons in my life.
And the hardest one was to forgive and forget.
At times I am visited,
With an embitterness that sits.
it takes a while to get over it.
But I am not going to soon let go of my peace of mind,
Or happiness.
Because someone wants to show and display,
Every bit of their ignorance.
With attitude seeking acceptance.
And those folks,
In some places…
Travel around in cliques.
As if what they do is fashionable.
And after one obtains a degree of consciousness…
Folks like that become easier to identify.
Such as a bad habit,
One has to end to quit…
And quick!
Like a fad that has been outdated.

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