Tis not for wealth that i keep on writing or for recognition or fame
And if some dismiss me as a poetaster it should not mean i should hide in shame,
For every poet many poetasters at least that’s how it does seem to me
I do not seek your praise or your scorn and i do not seek your sympathy
I’ve always been a man of my own mind i don’t follow the leader of the flock
But life for me is not all rosy i have taken many a knock,
Still my own opinions are my own despite what some of me do say
If i am dismissed as a ratbag that is the price one has to pay
For not going along with the main flock my trust and respect hard to gain
For thinking a little bit differently do i always have to explain,
I never seek power over others and my opinions are strictly my own
I speak out at every perceived injustice and on that my opinions are known.

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