A shadow of the man he once was it would be fair to say
But as ever he is penning verse with words he has a way
He is in his early eighties and long past his writing prime
But age has not taken from him his gift of penning rhyme
A very gifted writer of him that cannot be denied
But the years on him are telling and time is not on his side.
His Kate passed on eight years ago the great love of his life
For half a century of years his dear devoted wife
A good mother to their children together they had happy years
His sad poems to her memory are full of his heartfelt tears
A poet for all Seasons the last bard of his Town
As an old style classic rhymer Joe the bard has known renown
The Seasons on him are telling in a few years he may be gone
But some of his poems and ballads to his memory will live on.

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