You look amazing sleeping in a standing position
Pity on you, when you fall you never stand!
You are famous for your long memories
Learn to forget and forgive the weak
Realize the power of the poor petty ants
What is concealed beyond the time’s streak?
Neither I know nor you nor anyone else
Think if an ant manages to enter your trunk
How helpless you will be, beware of the time,
You will only beat the earth like a drunk
Mother earth doesn’t like one moving proudly
You are mighty! But time is a cruel cycle,
It changes mightiness in weakness and vice versa
I see a crazy rider is now back on a tricycle!
Ants are not so weak as you think
They live in a highly sophisticated society
Their brotherhood, equity and hard working
May become for you a source of anxiety
A single ant can force you to fall on the ground
Flush will be carried to the hidden holes of the ants
And ivories in a workshop of the beautiful crafts
Reminding, how blessed you were with the grants!

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