it may be friend you
stay with you as friend true
you may feel scent’s smell
it may work also well
it may take you away for a while
to a distant land with smile
live here as I am there
you have come from somewhere
i shall keep you forever
don’t leave that place ever
wine may not help to over come
it may not flavour or add welcome
it may give you momentary relief
it won’t strengthen your belief
it was never a remedy
life might have turned into comedy
what else one can do as lady?
It may be objected even by your daddy
The mind can never go to rest
It may settle not less than the best
It is not the real criteria or test
Try to come out of it as first
No one has gained peace from it
It has spoiled the image and feast
You may loose your control and spoil the relation
This may be seen with clear observation

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