Structured with tainted funds!
And on the backs of those you allowed to suffer…
In the midst of your deceit and thirst for greed,
Has never attracted me.
That is why I have kept my appearances limited.
And as far away as possible!
I am not after a position as your doorman.
To clown or jester with your nouveau riche friends.
Some recently recovering from negrophobia!
Others who believe you have prestige,
To bestow upon them?
Is fine!
That just ain’t me!
I do not object to anyone’s ignorance.
Whether temporarily applied or not!
Nor do I needlessly need to stand in line,
To receive that kind of acknowledgement!
Especially from a known oppressor of my attempts,
To live my life without approved limitations!
Nor smiling like I am the master’s boot shiner,
Do you get from me.
I have too long addressed my own identity…
With little assistance,
And regretful heckling from my own kin.
Also absent of consciousness.
This is reality!
Not an ex-slave speaking from the grave!
Or an ancestor spirited,
From under some suburban subdivision!

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