Human life completes its cyclic round
Passing through stages four
Beginning with childhood
Skipping through youth and middle age
And ending in crippling old age,
Precisely as the seasons of the year!
Each stage has its thrills and fills
Marked by distinct traits
If childhood is an age of play
Youth, a transition from play to work
Middle age- a time when passions are tempered
And old age, a gradual transfer from sweat to rest!
Thus life sprouts, blooms, fades and ebbs away
As plants through the seasons four!
Each stage is a link in the chain of life
And birth and death, just doorways in and out
Life after completing its earthly round,
Through vexing trials and waning joys,
Shall enter a world beyond the reach of thought
Can we still say life is an empty dream?
Sure, we wake to sleep and sleep to wake
And the cycle goes on and on relentless!

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