He has every thing but the honour.
His soul’s chastity is a dampen dull
Check his breaths giving the smell foul.
As the soul has been badly rotten
So it becomes the body’s burden.
His morality is a hostage and lousily bitten
He wanted each and every battle to win
So he always plays with the cursing sin
He is actually a coward can’t face the fact
He doesn’t have any integrity or self respect
He lacks the logic and can’t stand straight
To fight the battle of life, he adopts a trick
To suck the blood of beauty like a tick
He licks the fire and gives the life a kick
He embraces the hell like a foolish freak.
Look at the distance stands the liar
He is the murderer of the satin flower
From the mouth he emits the fire
And he sets ablaze the silver dollar.
He brings a shame to the humanity
In the society he welcomes the anarchy
To beget the dishonesty and to kill the purity
Heavenly he is a curse on peace
A big blot, an obstacle to the justice.
Look at his faded away face a graceless
A stooge a Scrooge stands a disgrace.

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