We are playing with dangerous fire
Nature is against us and tired
What have not done to alienate the nature?
Why have we done to bleak our future/
Not only air but even sky is made hollow
More of such consequences are bound to follow?
The plates under earth belt are making move
Strike against each other for vacuum to remove
Unknown movement may shake the whole world
People may fear and experience shiver with cold
Still we blow same whistle
Not think of what has gone wrong meanwhile
We may shed some tears and forget
The causes must be made known or let
We are making land hollow
Gas and oil extraction further worsens and allow
We are digging our own grave to term it natural disaster
What else can be named it worst joke with laughter
Let us mourn the death of innocents
They deserve sympathy and sad comments
The loss could have been avoided
Alas! we had some respect for nature and advice heeded

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