Love and peace are the two most needed ingredients in world life
Necessary to enjoy life long happiness and satisfaction sure..!
The pleasure of loving soul embracing one with sweet kisses is
What heaven is all about in this human world surely that one can Witness as in the golden period of romance and renaissance all
Great poets and artists have been expressing nonstop for years..!
Such a time when will it come and engulf the world in joy and bliss?
This is the romantic dream all are indulging in day and night sleep,
Dreams and reveries whenever one gets time to breathe a sigh of relief in-between the commercial breaks of world civilization ever!
Love and peace are the best solution to lust and hatred that reels
The modern world in delirium for wayward souls ready to die for nil!
Love and peace bring heavenly joy where as lust and hatred bring
Only hell and torture leading to chaos, anarchy and deaths forever!

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