When animals can love?
Why can’t we long for and behave?
Take it as natural gift
Let there be no shift
Love and be loved
This idea be really conceived
Find it in eyes
It will be seen without any try
You may be able to read
But not in the dead
Life is no life
If that remains with continuous strife
It must find new and fresh water
To change the life altogether
Robbers have changed
Gangsters have managed
In their later age
We are human being and can definitely manage
We have seen dreaded persons
Changed a lot with lot many reasons
Love at heart can be seen as an art
Just play in life with little start
No one may wrongly point out
No one else may talk about
Everyone may go for simple chance
It must be tried even at once
Find it in child’s smile
Find it in traveler’s eye when walk for while
You will find and read the message
Love it to read even in person’s rage
Who has not wished an easy go?
When hatred and other things are needed to forgo?
We all are meant to be perished
Life at any time is about to be finished

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