Your body was conceived in love.
Your mind was conceived in love.
Your spirit was conceived in love.
I made your body to stand,
to walk, to dance, to make love
in love.
I made your senses
to touch love, to taste love,
to see love, to find space in love,
to hear love, everywhere
for I made everywhere
I made your mind
to know love’s substance
which no alteration finds,
to know the flow of love,
the fire of love, love in the air,
to hear what love speaks;
to know love in your reason,
to reason love;
to know why love is everywhere;
to know how to find love in hate;
to know why justice, mercy, grace, are love;
to know love in surrender;
to know how love turns faith to love;
to know love’s play in love’s creation;
to know that love is always now;
to know love’s neighbour is yourself;
and when least visible,
to know love frees and balances;
to know why all seek love.
I made your spirit and your heart,
I made your very self
as every self
to be Myself; to show Myself;
Love said
I made you.

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