The forgotten fringe dwellers in life they’ve lost their way
And some of them in their twenties have never worked a day.
He says his clients good people but jobs for all not there
And some always seem to lose out life is not always fair
And one out of ten thousand becomes a millionaire
And some work for low wages and some survive on welfare.
The posh hotels and restaurants Luke’s clients do not frequent
They are always poor and always broke and they struggle to pay their rent
They are low in the social order and low in self esteem
And they are the hard up people who do not dare to dream
As community minded people Luke’s clients have never been
And at meetings and social gatherings few of them ever seen
In their local communities no part as such they play
They are the social dropp outs who live from day to day.
Luke who drinks at the local pub in his job takes great pride
He works for the D.S.S. his clients the unemployed
The forgotten fringe dwellers who in life lost their way
But negative things about them you never hear him say.

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