Maiden Of Rain

Her dress is made of the diamonds of the sky
Her heels are made from the golden spears of morning light
She resides in the palace of clouds
She plays atop of the bridge of rainbow

When she wants to explore
She slips her toes into her golden shoes
She dons on her crystal cape
And a matching amulet on her nape.

She mounts her golden mare
And bolts down to the ground.
Many of us are afraid of the sound
When she whips her mare to go faster, faster…

She lands on a glass floor,
In an open moor.
She gets off and taps her heels on the floor,
Ready for a dance.

Pitter patter, the joyful sound
Of her heels on the ground,
As she tangoes, foxtrots, waltzing
Nobody can stop her dancing.

I will admire her golden shoes
I will love her dazzling dress
Her youthful steps on the stage of glass
Have weaved a memory that will forever last.

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