Make The World Happy

I don’t think you get it,
I don’t think you know,
How much does this world love you?
How far would it go?
I love you with my whole heart,
With ever part of me,
In a room full of people,
You’re the only one I can see,
When I see you smiling,
The air does go thin,
And it pains me and hurts me,
That you think you will never win,
But behind all of the harsh words,
You know that it is true,
That this world knows that you are gorgeous,
And that this world does love you,
Every time the world sees those blue eyes,
The whole place is lost for word,
And every day that you are smiling,
No pain can be heard,
Now see I think this world loves you,
So you love it too,
If you want to make it happy,
J just you simply be you.

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