I don’t want to look in the mirror, and not see me.
Scared to look at a picture, who can it be?
I want to make it someday, but i can’t tell,
What I’ll be, or if I’ll do it well.
Because, i can’t believe it is starting to see,
There is someone in there, and that one is me.
It’s coming slowly, but coming all the same,
I can see it when you call my name,
I might break down, once in a while,
Just be there for me, it’s worth a trial,
I might push you away, but i want you close,
Try with me because, I’ve been through the most,
But there might be more, and that’s okay,
Ill hold my head up high, because is here to stay,
I scare myself sometimes, when i fall down,
scared i wont get back up, and look all around,
at everyone thats there, i cant let go,
they mean to much to me and they dont know,
that they hold me strong just by saying hey,
How have you been or how was your day,
Just be knowing they are there for me to run to,
But all these people… they art you.
My Head
Okay so here’s where i tell you all about me.
Everything is feeling everything i see.
Let’s start off with you and how you make me feel.
Like everything in life is starting be become real.
You know that is crazy and hurting and becoming new.
Becoming something that will affect you to.
Is trying to get better and talk about me.
But it’s taking a while and you’re the only one who can see.
You tell me were nothing but friends by the way.
Which i can handle as long as you stay.
Yeh okay we do stuff that means nothing to you.
And you know it means something to me and that’s true.
But it doesn’t mean as much to me as you think.
We start it, we finish, and it’s over, as soon as I blink.
It would mean more to me if you were really here.
But you’re not and that’s fine because that would make you queer.
Which i know that you’re not and sometimes that’s okay.
But i forget then upset myself then i run right away.
Cause is hurt and is hurting not from you but from me.
And is scared that you’ll run because you don’t like what you see.
I know how it all started wasn’t okay.
But it made us, us and i don’t regret it at all by the way.
Yeh it messed with my head but it messed with yours too.
Because you have to deal with all the crazy that i put onto you.
You say you want me to talk like normal friends do.
Let’s be honest were not normal friends, were just me and you.
But i talk to you more than i talk to most.
But sometimes Yeh there is a demon and is just the host.
So as time goes on it will all be okay.
We will be real friend, proper friends just give it time and don’t run away.
I want you to feel special and wanted i do.
And i want you to also feel like i have a friend in you.
Is trying to rhyme this cause it get more out that way.
I want you to be here for me so i beg you to stay.
You say it’s the past but it will always be there.
And we can’t change it but we have to beware.
If you pretend it didn’t happen and pretend its all okay.
It will pop back upon us on a different day.
So let’s carry on like we have done for the two weeks it has been.
You’re the happiest vie seen.
Is not going to wreck it, i promise you this.
I will stop with the late nights and feelings of bliss.
Okay Yeh it was fun and felt so good every day.
But i don’t want you to feel guilty and not okay.
Can we stop moping around its annoying i just want to see you smile.
And we can put off fighting just for a while.
So i think this is everything that is in my head.
Other than other things but read below they are said.
So i think vie left you long enough on hold.
Read this and tell me if is wrong i need to be told.
Ah i can never end these cause i never know what to say.
So is going to keep rambling on and on by the way.
Is Dr. Seuss ha-ha look at me?
Rhyming my words look can you see?
Is so smart and funny omg i am vain to?
Is joking trying to make you smile and hey we can start anew.
Is going to stop now cause is chatting shit.
I hope you understand this just a little bit.

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