Modi by the rocks of the beach

Marking the bluish waters
And holding dialogues
With the ocean
And penning down
His conversation with the ocean,
The silent waters of it!
The below-quoted stanza
A rendition of that,
An amalgamation
Of the poem,
A summarized re-edition
In English.
O ocean, you take,
Take my salutation,
So deep and unfathomable,
So tranquil and quiet
But immeasurable
Connected with my origin and end,
So deep and immeasurable
Hiding in a great circumference
But never out of
Always routined and in the follow-up of,
Full of ripples and waves
Coming and going, rising and falling,
O ocean, ocean silent and temperate,
Deep and somber,
Calm and quiet,
You take, take my salutation,

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