Morning Blues

Stamping feet and furrowed brows,
There’s fury burning in her eyes.
A flood of tears build up now,
I knew I shouldn’t have told that lie

She catapulted the nearest thing at hand,
And shouted, screamed and wailed out loud.
It’s as if she was devil sent,
The inferno within her was raging wild.

She breaks down and wails,
And she lay on the floor.
‘I don’t want to hear your tales,
I’m not going there anymore! ‘

I appeased, negotiated and I coaxed,
I tried talking my sister into going to school.
And by the way that matters look,
To lie about how fun school was made me a fool.

Pouting lips and streaking tears,
Running down her soft, rosy cheeks
I’m entrusted to the toughest feat,
That is sending my sister to kindergarten.

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