but hostile servants.
If, on occasion,
the reason is sufficient,
you may enjoy it.
A happy party
requires preparation.
Trouble would never.
Keen eyes that see well
wear out before the sun sets.
All nights have darkness.
Appropriate reactions
to normality.
Unable to hug
a man will drift away from
another human.
Men are permitted
to live and dwell in childhood,
but not be childish.
The mother of invention,
not repetition.
Seeking the future-
sure sign for an escape from
the past’s betrayals.
Advice for slimmers:
The fat you lose may well be
mostly gray matter.
Be superficial,
your roots will be embedded
beneath the surface.
Avoiding contact,
not sign of condescension,
but simply caution.
The best things in life
so often are forgotten,
because of low cost.
He who keeps busy
is most often told about
forgotten trivia.
Wealth may not find you
but it is wise to ponder
about its merits.
It does not matter
how big the lie we live with
when truth disturbs us.
Subjective pair of glasses
with various lenses.
Those who will tell you
a friendly half-truth may be
just hostile liars.
A frequent liar
begins by telling untruths
first to his own ears.
Look in the mirror,
do not expect benevolence,
even in darkness.
Competing with time
may see you come out second.
It’s stacked against you.
Lies are short-legged
but time itself has long ones.
And they are shapely.
I don’t have much time,
but if I do not take some
there will be less yet.
On the wrong foot and
at the wrong side of the bed,
is hardly progress.
He who lazily
observes the grandfather clock
cannot slow the time.
Old clocks that function
nevertheless will tell us
time of the present.
Great thoughts may travel
into the smallest waste bin,
without return fare.
The art of thinking
though precious gift from Nature,
should not be sheltered.
It is not easy
to communicate the fact
that talk is silly.
We love loyalty,
especially on those days
we badly need it.
Silent folks are seen
and, may I say, too often?
As brilliant scholars.
Watch for the detail,
lest you do not really care
about the essence.
A silent forest
makes big demands on people,
to hear its silence.
He who collected
a thousand leaves in summer
enjoys his autumn.
Injustice tends to
excuse its utter failings
by pointing fingers.
To free a killer
means that the victim can be
murdered all over.
Injustice cannot
prevail without a mandate
born in unkindness.
Conmen disturb us,
they speak a better diction
of truth in lending.

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