the tender child is loved all around
being as first mothers have nothing to fear
a mother heart is the closest to her child dear
it perpetually hears her beating heart
first nine months from the inside wall
then with pain, grief and a bleeding heart
the baby is pulled out
or it floats self to the outside world
a mother’s heart sees
and knows everything about her child
her young mother’s heart does not show it
but knows that she loves, that’s it
together with her firstling
in her mind, the child is still her toddler
caring and feeding every day
taking to be bathed and lulling asleep,
even after midnight
makes the strong love bond that arises
even if the child has become an adult
and leaves the parental home
he will be still that baby infant for her
the child is the mirror of her inner being
she seems aloof, but that is the mind
being for the first time a mother
she does not show her heartfelt love
how she often struggles with her inner grief
having become a mother,
you do not become just like that,
it’s a gradual growth in an emotive way
she grows with the baby child every second
in her heart, she cuddles him endlessly
outwardly she remains at distant,
there is nothing wrong with that
being the mother of a firstborn child she really loves
she does not show that,
first mothers are oftentimes warmest at heart
introvert implements
she is endlessly grateful and truly content
to have this birth
upon this forsaken earth
with all its delights and wonderous appetites
as long as there is Light….
©Sylvia Frances Chan
AD. Friday 28 Sept 2018 –
@ 16.43 hrs P.M. W.Eur. Time

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