you told about God’s blessings you have got?
I’m telling you here that
I met an angel on the way to home from school
I was on high school, after school to home by bike,
I thought I was feeling dizzy because of hunger or so
suddenly I saw a jeep coming up to me,
very fast and I lost sight and was unconscious
I still remember that accident
but after that there is nothing more that I can tell
only I knew it was an angel who rescued me
now I can tell you that
this was the greatest blessing God bestowed on me
at the scene of the accident I just sat there and said nothing
the jeep man rushed to me and asked:
are you hurt or wounded?
I didn’t understand him because
I thought he had already driven away
but he was looking for me, he saw no blood, no stain to book
no pain in my every nook
Sylvia, I told you then
but you were too young to pay attention to this
but anything I can tell you at that point
God sent me His angel to rescue me
the greatest blessing I have got
I haven’t told Mommy since she had weak health
I was never talkative, but I still remember that accident
I was saved by God’s angel He sent,
Sylvie this is my praise and gratitude not my lament,
I have now told you about the greatest blessing God bestowed on me
I am still here at home, happy, safe and sound,
I will always keep thanking God for all his blessings every day!
Poet’s Notes
That is my brother through phone today
through this conversation on phone,
I want to tell you about another greatest Wonder
© Sylvia Frances Chan – All Rights Reserved
Monday 26 October 2020

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