dearest darling,
from time to time
in my poet’s head,
i testify again,
please i’m still your lover, not just épouse,
who clings lovingly
i made delicious food for you
as your lover
why do you keep such a great distance?
Is it from the Corona rules?
To remember
according to strict World Health Org. care
it is our destination
long ago,
in a long lost era,
like a beautiful jewel,
we stay together,
as your joie de vivre
and your true love and l.u.s.t. for life
i am your faithful love, honey
who clings constantly
in your memory
i bend my knees
to say this prayer
Please do not forget me
in these corona times
while the church bell chimes
my beloved lover
my faithful husband
your lover’s intention
in this new dimension
as a bon vivant
and as your true love
your faithful wife
not one strife
within the World Health Org. law in corona pandemic
with the help of God
i hope i have least flaws
i stay in your great existence
my whole life
as long as I breathe
near our cozy home hearth
a heartwarming nicest start this morn
deep in my soul existence
i only love you, my dear specialist,
as life itself is
in hierarchy
with God’s Bliss
as long as i breathe
near our cozy home hearth
i wish you all my love
with a caring heart,
your daily start,
constantly in God’s Bliss
for He is my Witness,
© Sylvia Frances Chan – All Rights Reserved
Beautiful Saturday Morn
Anno Domini 27 June 2020

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