My Perfect Dream

Within the reach of my hands
Lay the desire of my heart

I was intoxicated by
His amazing beauty
And glorious face

The fire in his eyes
Held me its captive forever
And grabbed me closer to him

I melted into marrow
When I heard him speak
The words he spoke were like
Honey dripping down his lips
His smile, his laughter,
And everything about him
Made my heart leap inside of me.

His touch thrilled me
His kiss made me forget
Everything that ever existed

I was in his warm embrace
Encircled by his
Beautiful strong hands

It seemed like
Eternity and I was
Ready to be nothing

Then reality shook my senses
The realization of it being a mere dream
Left me heart broken as before

I had awaken from the most perfect
Of all dreams I dreamt
And I wish it would be true for
My destiny holds the key to its fulfillment.

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