He writes this creation as a lovely poem,
God’s poem is greatest wonder we feel,
Atheists suspect God and blame blindly,
They plan to take action on invisible God,
They also cry like crocodile and act,
Falsehood becomes their weapon to attract,
Many people do not know them easily
And they often trust atheists and they swim,
God knows everything at each moment,
He has written the poem of law of action
This is printed in page of gazette of nature,
Action performed by an atheist is recorded
Like the action performed by a devotee!
From nature reactions come accordingly.
Atheists frequently defame God and roar,
But God has great sympathy for all souls.
God is only the greatest poet is truth,
All other poets in Earth are his children,
We cannot suspect him at all or defame
Although many secrets behind this creation
We do not know at all still today’s flash,
Still, God is supreme powerful cosmic energy.
God’s greatness is written in every corner,
In silence we can feel his reciting of poem,
We can hear his holy song through universe,
If we are very attentive towards him,
Unlimited greatest happiness we can feel!
Eternal father’s poem is the greatest poem,
He is the greatest poet, we have no doubt.
Theists love to hear God’s reciting
And being obedient they learn from him,
They obey every line of God’s teaching,
Whoever reads his poem, he reads it more
Whoever meets, he loves to meet him ever,
Greatest poet has greatest attraction,
His great poem is above all top listed poems
God’s poem is above all top rated poems,
Like him, his poem is eternal poem,
His poem is of infinite length and words,
If any atheist tries to overcome God
Then this is his ignorant step and nothing-else,
We see that widely only God’s poem exist!
No one can be fully popular like God, our creator!
We accept God as the only Super Popular Poet,
God is only greatest poet of eternity!
© Kumarmani Mahakul,28 December 2018. All rights reserved.

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