There is nothing there to help them
No means you will get to develop
The talk they are involve in
And the company they keep are totally meaningless
They should mind to build a house
And keep the house clean
A clean house is a joy for your eyes
A feeling of freshness for your mood
Stay most of the time at home
And help others to maintain silence and peace
A peaceful home is a place like paradise to live in
Go and at any cost achieve it
To release the pent up feelings
A window or two are enough
Keep that open
And to nourish your psyche books are the best
As a teacher, guide and friend
Get them as much as you wish
All the achievements of the world are achieved through books
If you go through them patiently
You will get the ways of anything you wish to get
And the driving force of life you look around
Nowhere will you find it outside
It is always there in you
See inward and search inside
But no one is there to tell them
One is my son
And other is his grand father.

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