And on the beach in the quiet of early morning people take their dogs out for a run
And magpie’s song ring in the coastal suburb and the pee wees are piping in the sun.
When I am in the mood for visualizing of Semaphore I often visualize
The laughter of the children in saltwater the cheerings of the happy ball playing boys
The cafes on the long streets by the sea shore the sweet aroma you get walking by
With Semaphore with me ’twas love at first sight and my times in that old Town I did enjoy.
Of Semaphore the memories keep returning of the old Town by the ocean far away
The sparrows in summer chirping on the palm trees where they
Build their nests of feathers, grass and hay
And terns for minnows diving in the shallows and boats are sailing on the quiet bay
Whenever I go back to South Australia I will re-visit Semaphore one day.
Old Semaphore a gem of South Australia one might say is a place that has a soul
From the streets you can see the scenic beach way and watch the waves of the Pacific toss and roll
And hear the happy laughter of the children at play in the park playground by the sea
And hear the pretty rainbow lories chirping as they search for nectar on a flowering gum tree.

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