Light is your mom, you are lovely,
You are swinging in sky for wisdom.
In dream we see, you are real we feel,
Violet stars twinkle and smile in love,
Inside womb we see your glazing light,
Night is very deep but you are smiling.
If you were my granddaughter in palace,
I would decorate you in costly jewels,
I would educate you in spiritual wisdom,
I would fondle and dandle and I would sing.
I would search handsome grandson-in-law,
Arranging your marriage I would send,
In your mother-in-law’s house you would shine,
You would become mother of your mother-in-law.
If you were my grandson in my arms,
I would fondle and dandle forever,
I would search a princess for you as bride,
If you were, I would give you love crown.
But you are soul you have incarnated in a body,
You are divinely originated with self luminous light,
Your bodily relationships change frequently,
But you are clever swinging baby in womb of light.
You are swinging in womb of light for awakening,
God is in your mind and illusion has left way,
Go on swinging to greet and meet God in bode,
You are now swinging in eternity and wisdom.
© Kumarmani Mahakul,01 October 2017. All rights reserved.

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