The best of you are at the top
few men have the guts to climb up.
The fear of them falling to ground
and staying there, never be found.
So many look under the tree
pick the fallen ones only to see
that the ones at the top are in wait
for the right one to come, not too late.
But the courage required to climb
and the journey that takes so much time
and the fear of a slip
are the reasons they skip
the best apples so high on their own,
(No bad apples are ever alone) .
And men, you delectable grapes
come in sizes, surprises and shapes.
While you dream of a romp
it’s the women who stomp
all the crap out of you, nasty sinner
only then will they take you to dinner.
With some patience and skill
they eventually will
make the grapes of you men in to wine
then to take some small sips
with their ruby red lips
let you mumble the words ‘you are mine’.

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