When he was young and freckled faced and shy
Some sixty years since he was school going boy.
He say Nar Nar Goon has undergone great change
That years brought changes to his old home range
On his last visit there not one familiar face
He felt a stranger in his old home place.
He’s lived in Melbourne now for fifty years
And he feels happiest after a few beers
He’ll sing a song or whistle some old tune
He learnt from his Dad at Nar Nar Goon.
He’s lived in City since he was young man
For fifty years and that seems lengthy span
And though gray hairs came as months and years rolled by
The City man at heart still country boy.
He play the tunes he heard his father play
In Nar Nar Goon back in his boyhood day
And the man can leave the Bush-town so they say
But the Bush-town in the man will always stay.

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